The concert was amazing!

Super Junior was so energetic, happy and respectful.

Most importantly,

I couldn’t believe that Kim Hee Chul was right there before my eyes!

At the beginning of the show, i thought he was having his bad mood.

He looked not entirely enthusiastic about singing their songs.

But when it came to his solo, he was awesome!

I guess rock is his genre afterall.

And i like him the most when he seemed to enjoy playing water guns. He even refilled his guns to keep on spraying the fans!hihi

But sadly i was in the upper tier..huhu (next time, i must get the best ticket!)

I’d rather get sprayed by heechul than watching him from afar..


Below are some of the pictures taken from the concert.

me and my sister!

Below are pictures taken by other fans. Credit to ELF!

saranghaeyo SUJU

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  1. Bestnyer dapat tgk suju dari dekat…nak pg tiket dah habis apa pun thanks kerana upload gambar dari konsert …dapat ar gak tgk…

    • best.. suju kate nk dtg lagi..
      album baru diorg kalo x silap “saegajibda”
      itu yg leeteuk suro kteorg ulang kt concert..

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