a reply to my previous post

 micro teaching writing?

i’ve done it. dun care if it’s ok or not. yana said it’s ok, so it IS ok then.

not enough piano practice?

hahahaha… my piano class was cancelled.

what else?

microteaching grammar this saturday-i’ll brainstorm before i sleep

tests-they are next week’s problem. why bother thinking about them this week???

assignments- *jawapan seperti di atas*

and my dirty laundry that is piling like a mountain-washing machine will wash ‘em tomorrow.

and my hunger pangs-i’ve eaten already. so, no more worries.

and my mood swings-pray and pray and pray to drive all the SATANS away.

and human beings’ unpleasant characteristics-i can be unpleasant too. so we’re 0-0.

and cockroaches in the house- ignore their existence. ignorance is bliss.



i have an ending for this post.haha.. read below.

i’ve learned from my group and the other groups’ microteaching today that:

1. we must forgive and forget.

2. we should be tolerant with each other.

3. we should value our friendships.

4. we should cooperate with each other and not the opposite.

5. we should listen to others first before giving our opinion. (because we are not always right) 

so, as a consequence to that,

i think i can sleep well tonite. wooohooo!!


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2 thoughts on “a reply to my previous post

  1. ahahahahaa. good babe good.
    i always love ur writing, in any way.

    haih. jum trasfer otak. time exam pun jadik. oh time wt esaimen pn ok?m

    can aaa? hahahaha

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