can’t think of a title.

what worries me today?

hmm..microteaching maybe. just got a few minutes before microteaching writing.

God, give me the positivity to give my best today.


i didn’t manage to get enough practice for piano this week.

and today is my piano lesson.

hope my piano teacher won’t mind.

what else?

oh yes. microteaching grammar this saturday.

and tests.

and assignments.

and my dirty laundry that is piling like a mountain.

and my hunger pangs.

and my mood swings.

and human beings’ unpleasant characteristics.

and cockroaches in the house.


i can’t think of an ending/a conclusion for this post.

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4 thoughts on “can’t think of a title.

  1. nadia!!! confident!!!
    pasti boleh!!!
    td dengar dah baik…
    we can do it!!!
    pas ni gi makan..
    n pas makan practice kejap…

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