Salam Ramadhan

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim   Peace be upon Allah The Almighty.     Dear readers, I know that I have long abandoned writing. 10 months to be precise. I needed my private time to purify and console a broken and troubled heart.  The time used bears its fruits once peacefulness is restored. We, the  creations will achieve such a state if we seek the love of our … Continue reading


  Therefore glory be to Him in Whose hand is the kingdom of all things, and to Him you shall be brought back. (Yaseen: 83)   What we think is ours, is not ours. Everything belongs to the one and only God, Allah. Bearing this belief in one’s heart and mind, upon losing one’s possessions, … Continue reading


Salam everyone.   This post shall be the first entry for the year 2014. So many things happened that caused me to unintentionally abandon this blog. I didn’t mean to, believe me. And, just so you know, I can’t write if it isn’t from the heart. Feels like I’m writing lies. Some feelings should be … Continue reading

While there’s still time.

Salam everybody :)   It takes a tremendous effort to put my thoughts into words. Indeed, it has been awhile since I posted my last entry. It is not that I have not had ideas; I’m now minding my words that I wish to share in public. Knowing the fact that our life in this … Continue reading


Salam, I bid to those who still find my blog readable (I wouldn’t say appealing because  I know it will never be). I am aware of the huge time gap between the last post and this very post but I needed some quiet time to recharge my spiritual battery. AND it has been worthwhile. The sore … Continue reading

Happy belated birthday, Chopin.

Your birth date was speculated to be either on the 22nd Feb 1810 or the 1st March 1810. Well, the date doesn’t matter. What matters is that you existed for 39 years and had composed the most sincere language of music.

cooking diary #1

Yesterday, I stir fried broccoli and cauliflower with chicken balls. Today, I made fried rice from yesterday’s leftovers.   Cooking isn’t THAT difficult when you put your mind and heart into it.

Surah Al-Baqarah, verse 74

“Thenceforth were your hearts Hardened: they became  Like a rock and even worse In hardness. For among rocks There are some from which  Rivers gush forth; others There are which when split Asunder send forth water; And others which sink For fear of God, And God is Not unmindful of what ye do” Commentary by … Continue reading

twenty five

It is the 20th January 2013. Five days had passed since my 25th birthday. It is rather hard to accept the fact that I’m now a fully grown up lady. A lady huh? A lady who can’t even cook for herself. Well, I think I can THEORETICALLY, cooking is pretty simple as viewed in my … Continue reading

Thinking in binary.

Good evening. I took quite a long time thinking about my lesson plan. Finally, I decided to make the students write a journal entry. That can’t be too difficult for their level, can it? Plus, it ought to be interesting, because they’ll be writing about themselves, right? …Unless, they truly cannot produce their own opinions … Continue reading