my piano teacher :)

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i’m sure that many might have noticed the inactivity of my other blog. well, i think one blog is enough to document my life events including my hobbies and interests.


the 2 sentences act as the Opening/ Mukadimah for the actual purpose of writing this post and that is PIANO.


Ok. i had 4 lessons with a new teacher last month but her style doesn’t suit my way of learning. i’ve just realised that i don’t like people who treat me like a child. i feel as if i am being disrespected intellectually (so, that’s the kind of problem that teachers may face when teaching adults-a good lesson for me as teacher too!)


as a consequence to this event, i decided to seek knowledge from my dear old teacher, Ms. Lim. i thought she was away to visit her sisters in England but she was not well and so she stayed at home. lucky me, i got to learn from her again! I like her and i respect her for her wisdom in teaching music to students; not only the technical aspects of music. she doesn’t mind me choosing pieces that are challenging for my level but of course, i’d consult her first before i proceed learning the pieces. in fact, she encourages me to do so because she knows that students would be more motivated to practise piano with their own chosen pieces.


today, she heard me played Chopin Waltz Op. 64 no. 2. i played ok. i can play the notes but i didn’t understand the piece. with her help, i am able to picture images in my mind about the piece. she pointed out my lack of attention to details particularly crescendo and decrescendo, the use of too much rubato in this piece and the wrong touch that i used to execute the notes. she doesn’t act as if she is great; she is not interfered with insecurities that my other teachers felt when teaching me. she is the only one whose focus is the music and not so much on the right/wrong of my finger technique. she opens up my eyes to look at the music from a very creative and wonderful perspective.


what i like about this teacher is the fact that she always leaves some clues for me to work on my own which signifies her faith in my ability to do self-learning. for example, for this piece she asked me to go back and search for Chopin’s biography to understand the piece well. she also mentioned that Chopin was not a rough man (this clue is triggered by my “fierce” attack on the keys). i’ve read letters written by Chopin compiled in a book found at the library last semester but i didn’t manage to finish reading it. I’ll search it again when i got the free time. Yes, i agree with my teacher that Chopin was not a rough man.  He wrote the letters as if he was talking face-to-face to the intended persons. he was very cautious with his words, he paid attention to details and people surrounding him. he talked about furniture, the decoration of a room, the food that he ate, the people he met and many other things that i’d consider as “small talk”. in my opinion, i think Chopin was very sensitive and yet, open to those close to him.


in a nutshell (can’t get away with the standard way of writing!), i am happy to learn from my old piano teacher again!



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