A HEARTy supplement

Hi everyone. Life has been a bit hectic lately as teachers have a lot to plan and execute before the next term of school begins. Luckily, I am in no mood to write about the tasks that I’m assigned to. Why be unhappy and miserable narrating self-tormenting thoughts? Thus, let’s ponder over this running commentary in rhythmic prose by Abdullah Yusuf Ali of Section 7, Surah Bani Israel, the Quran:

Arrogance, jealousy, spite, hatred

Were the cause of the fall of Iblis. Man

Was given pre-eminence above

Much of God’s Creation, and owes

Higher responsibilities. He should give thanks 

For God’s mercies, and remember

The Day of Account. Not all the scheming

Of Evil will deflect God’s righteous Plan

To protect His chosen ones. They should pray

Without ceasing, and seek His true Guidance;

For Truth will last, but Falsehood will perish.


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