twenty five

It is the 20th January 2013. Five days had passed since my 25th birthday. It is rather hard to accept the fact that I’m now a fully grown up lady. A lady huh? A lady who can’t even cook for herself. Well, I think I can THEORETICALLY, cooking is pretty simple as viewed in my head. Well, I don’t want to start my day reminding myself of this unavoidable fact, so, let’s talk about something else.

Every available weekend, I would ride the bus north to my hometown. It is a three and a half hour journey, therefore, I have plenty of time that I could use to ponder over the week’s happenings. It’s supposed to be an eventful week for it is an important week to my father and my sister. We would have cakes (notice the plural form of the noun ‘cake’? yeah we’re a big family and we eat a lot!) for the whole week.

If I could rewind this time of year ten years back, I’d want something that I wouldn’t think matter to me now. I would be fifteen and I definitely would want new shirts, new pants, new make up set, or maybe Harry Potter books and merchandise. Well,  that was I then. What about if I rewind my life fifteen years back? I’d be ten. I’d probably want an album by Siti Nurhaliza..hahaha.. 20 years ago? I’d want toys. Barbies. Cars. And lots and lots of silly toys.

Now, I won’t be extraordinarily excited over things like these.

Now, I pray that I am always peaceful at heart and mind. I have been through years of restlessness and I do not wish for it to haunt my life anymore.

I thank Allah for blessing me with a loving family, trustworthy friends, and a career path that I know, will not taint my heart as a Muslim.

I am grateful for His kindness as to giving me the opportunity to know what serenity of the heart is.

I am glad knowing that God is with me and that He is all I need.

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