I bid to those who still find my blog readable (I wouldn’t say appealing because  I know it will never be). I am aware of the huge time gap between the last post and this very post but I needed some quiet time to recharge my spiritual battery.

AND it has been worthwhile. The sore heart is consoled when it found its Creator.

I honestly have nothing to write about. No complaints, no criticism and no worries to be shared with. This is a monotonous writing indeed and often, monotony has been linked to trigger boredom on the reader’s part. Without ups and downs, or tribulations, life is said to be boring.

What then, makes a life not boring? Excitement? Entertainment? Must you be excited by surprises? Must you always be entertained so that you would not realise that hours had passed?

Well, these are what I would label as distractions. They are merely distractions to fog your vision that you’ve set upon the eternal goal, Jannah.

To me, Monotony does not necessarily connote a negative definition.

It can have a positive attribute to it and that is,


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